Introducing LaunchShield, our anti-snipe protocol. Developed as a countermeasure to protect project launches from snipers, bots, and multi-wallets that take away the possibility for projects to have safe and healthy launches. Allowing users to buy max transaction easily with a feature that minimize the possibility of failed transactions due to big price movements, this is especially useful when you're trading in a high gas environment. LaunchShield support stable and native coin pairs on Ethereum and BSC.

LaunchShield has been proven to successfully do what it's designed to do, providing safe launches for cryptocurrency projects. These days, when you're a developer or project owner launching a new project in the space there are always concerns that people can find your contract address early to snipe the launch or concerns that your launch might be heavily botted. Looking at it from an investor point of view, waiting for a launch to ends up in a disadvantage of getting a high entry point because of snipers and bots and having them sell on top of your buy, triggering the first contract sell.

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