$1,000 setup fee

with no LaunchShield fee applied on all transactions through the platform.


$500 setup fee

with 0.5% LaunchShield fee applied on each transactions through the platform.


$0 setup fee

with 2% LaunchShield fee applied on all transactions through the platform.


It is advisable not to increase your tax to allow for these, i.e.:

  • If you have 10% tax, you will collect 8% and 2% will go to LaunchShield treasury as platform fee.

  • But if you opt to add the 2% tax on top the 10% tax, we will allow it, but advise against it.

During the launch period, LaunchShield handles tax payments on your behalf by collecting tax. In order to do this, you need to provide us with information about how your tax should be distributed. Tax will be collected before the swap occurs on each buy and sell without the contract collecting and selling tokens. LaunchShield accept tax payments in either BNB or ETH and then redistribute the tax collected from each transaction directly to your designated tax wallets. If you have auto-LP, rewards, and/ or reflections enabled on your contract, you can choose to send the tax payments to another wallet or to your standard marketing wallet instead.

For business inquiries and partnerships, please get in touch via email or contact one of our Admin.

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