Setup Procedure

Developers can follow these simple procedures to protect their Project launches with LaunchShield!

  1. Make sure that you are on and connect your wallet by clicking "Connect".

  2. Choose your wallet and make sure that you are on the correct chain.

  3. Fill out the following form by: - Copy-pasting the token address that you're launching - Choose the date and time of your launch - Choose your pair - Enter the max tx amount

    - Enter the max wallet amount - Double check that all the token details are correct - Click on "Package Selection" Make sure that you are using the deployer wallet, otherwise transaction will revert.

  4. Choose the packages that works for you and continue by clicking "Taxes".

  5. Enter your tax wallet address (you can add up to 3 wallets), and specify the tax allocations for each wallets. Make sure that you've entered the correct tax wallet address and the correct tax amount. Your final sum will be automatically calculated and continue by clicking "Project Details".

  6. Enter your website, social links, logo, and most importantly, project description. Continue by clicking "Finalization".

  7. Confirm your launch by clicking "Launch Now". This is where you will have to make payment if you choose the non-% fee packages, make sure you have sufficient balance in your wallet. Make sure that you are using the deployer wallet, otherwise transaction will revert.

  8. Generating your unique launch URL.

  9. Your launch is now set up. You can share your unique launch URL manually or use the Telegram bot code to set up our Telegram Bot (setup manual coming soon). You can also manage your launch using your launch updater code only if the project is not yet launched.


We do not offer technical advice on contracts however, these functions are common. Your contract must have the ability to full-whitelist our LaunchShield contract from Buy Fees, Sell Fees and Transfer fees. If you are unsure please consult your developer.

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