Bounty Program

Bounty: Coming soon!

We strongly believe in partnerships with the community can create a more secure and pleasant customer experience. The community plays a vital part in our development, not only as social research on user experience and behavior but also on discovering system vulnerabilities and exploits. If you are a community member that has found a vulnerability within LaunchShield, we want to hear from you.

Qualifying Submission

  1. Submission containing steps to reproduce proof of concept, and detailed analysis will make you eligible for a bigger bounty

  2. Report generated from scanners and/or automation tools must be supported with in-depth analysis to demonstrate exploitability of vulnerability to be eligible for bounty

  3. Any submission that involves and/or require data and/or network manipulation, social engineering of our community, moderator, and team are not eligible for bounty

  4. Identifying vulnerability that is missed will make you eligible for a bigger bounty

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