23 August 2022

  • LaunchShield is live for BSC.

16 November 2022

  • LaunchShield is live for Ethereum.

30 November 2022

  • URLS moved from numbers only to UUID

  • Swap improved to swap max transaction if the price moves too much before the transaction confirms, then users will get as many tokens as possible for the amount inputted.

26 January 2023

  • "KYC" and "Audit" badges implemented to launch page to help investors identify which projects have been vetted by us and provide proof of KYC and Audit. These badges will allow buyers to make more informed decisions before buying into any project that launches via LaunchShield - especially unvetted projects.

3 February 2023

  • Flexible slippage implemented to allow buyers to select how much price movement they're willing to accept.

  • "God Mode" implemented to ensure entry as quickly as possible.

7 February 2023

16 February 2023

  • Tx log with authentication proof on every transactions through LaunchShield swap implemented to internal database to ensure transparency and security

21 February 2023

  • LaunchShield is live for Arbitrum.

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